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InStill Distilling Co. White Rum

First released on May 25, 2019, our inaugural white rum hit the market with a punch.

Hand crafted with our signature combination of molasses and sugar, this white rum is more than just a “mixer”. We created a white rum with depth and complexity. Aromas of dry apricot, banana, and sweet molasses. On the palate, the rum is light but on the edge of medium bodied, with a very lengthy finish. Though our white rum is smooth and easy to drink neat, it mixes perfectly in a variety of drinks. Add this rum to traditional cocktails like mojitos, painkillers, and rum mules, or get creative mixing a unique cocktail like our signature Ginger Kombucha Cocktail. Or just sip over ice with seltzer and a squeeze of fresh lime. Any way you sip it, be sure to photograph it, post it, and tag us in it. Cheers! #instilldistilling