“We consider our spirits to be a perfect blend of hard work, passion, and creativity.”

bruce art.jpg

Our feature artist, Bruce Corona, joined the Instill Family in early 2019.


Bruce is 36 years old and he was born in Chicago, where he lived most of his life. Bruce served in the active military for 5 years with the 82nd Airborne and then moved back to Illinois after completing his enlistment. There he served in the National Guard for another 8 years. Bruce finally escaped the cold almost 2 years ago to move to New Orleans, where he currently resides with Marissa, his girlfriend and subject of the painting “Lady One”.

Bruce has been making art and drawing since he was 2, and has practiced it whenever he could over the past 30+ years (even while deployed). Throughout his work history, nothing has brought him more joy than his art, and it's something he hopes to advance from a passionate hobby to a permanent job.

From Bruce Corona:

Truly, I am thankful for this opportunity to take part in this endeavor, and be part of the Instill family. I look forward to working with you all; producing artwork worthy of your quality spirits, and high standards. Cheers!

Lady One: Marissa Best

We wanted a more wine like label on our rum , and of course we wanted a more artsy design…we just needed something for Bruce to a paint. Leigh, Tom, and Eric have one thing in common and that is hard work. We are not shy of rolling up their sleeves and getting to it. So we asked ourselves, what symbolizes hard work? Well, at Instill Distilling, we believe that no one works harder than a True Lady. So there it was… A lady was born!

Each of our first release spirits will be represented by a different “ True Lady”. Lady One is our blue collar tribute release; we consider ourselves to be a blue collar distillery with a white collar spirit at a blue collar price.

Bruce painted Marissa Best after he snapped a photo of her headed out the door to work at the local hospital. Marissa is a Med Student working on her doctorate, in order to become a surgeon. She is as powerful in person as the painting portrays, and absolutely symbolizes our hard working white rum.